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The National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN) is a public administrative establishment placed under the joint authority of the Ministries in charge of ecology and forestry.

Lighthouse of Chassiron, located at the north end of the isle of Oléron, Charente-Maritime (17) - 2018

IGN is the reference public operator for geographic and forest information in France

In a world where the uses of digital technology and the needs for geolocalised information are rapidly evolving, the aim of the institute is to produce, represent, qualify and disseminate sovereign geographic and forest data essential to the implementation of public policies.

To carry out its missions, IGN develops partnerships and harnesses energies in a collaborative ecosystem, which is the guarantor of a rich, comprehensive and updated information.

Advanced expertise and a potential for high-level innovation, furthermore, situate the institute as a recognized scientific and technical centre and as one of the players in the digital transformation of the State.

Our purpose

Observe, measure, describe the territory

Our missions

  • Guarantee the availability of geolocalised data and in particular sovereign data for the State
  • Foster the appropriation and use of geographic data
  • Maintain a high level of competence in the field of geographic information

Our aeras of focus

Our values


Faced with the challenge of geographic and forest data availability, we favour an open governance and a collaborative approach to work. Bringing together efforts around common projects, sharing the experience and expertise of all involved, creating partnership dynamics with the defenders of public policies and encouraging the pooling and reuse of data... These are the guiding principles of our action every day.


We mobilize all our energies and all our technical know-how to understand and best meet the needs of our user communities, especially the defenders and beneficiaries of public policies.


Since its creation in 1940, IGN has built up undeniable know-how, through the diversity of its activities, its long experience of geographic information, and the importance attached to general and professional education and training. Its professionalism and reliability are recognized by the geodata world and the user community which view it as a trusted national partner.


Our activities are all directed towards a common objective: serving the public interest while striving for equality of treatment between territories, adaptability of our products, efficiency of our services, and transparency in the use of public funds. Our aim is to guarantee the sovereignty of the State over geographic information.

IGN in figures

1 634 employees

1 headquarters

5 territorial divisions

180 million euros budget

1 integrated school : ENSG-Géomatique

2 joint research units

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